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Concept Of NLpartner App

NLpartner Application is an exclusive app which gives an opportunity to get in touch with the potential customers who are looking to secure their financial future. It is well designed to provide a logical and smooth experience for the Business Partners to witness high quality lead conversion in a very easy manner without any concern. NLpartner is an easy-to-use app providing lead management solution which helps in capturing, tracking and managing leads with just a few clicks This app can be termed as all inclusive solution to lead management. NLpartner app allows real time capturing of leads saving time in the most simplest manner. This unique application without any delay directly allocates standard leads giving a chance to business growth and development

How NLpartner App Works?

  • 1. We Help You with Latest Technology and Leads which are validated.
  • 2. All customers are financially educated so there are clear on there buying decision.
  • 3. Low Risk and High Earnings.
  • 4. You save Money on Marketing and Your travel expenses.
  • 5. You Don't have to Run Pole to Post for 1 Appointment.
  • 6. High Return on your Investments.
  • 7. We Provide Best Conversion in the Market.
  • 8. You Will Increase Your Customer Base & Earnings.
  • 9. We have Almost 2000 Associates and counting Who are associated with us and earning.
  • 10.We propose to have a mutually benefiting Relationship with our associative.
  • 11.We provide Best in Class Service and Offers to our associate.
  • 12.We show you to the world.
  • 13.Thus we have 78% renewal ratio.

What Business Partners Gain From NLpartner?

  • 1. Get Live Call Conferences, HNI (High Net-worth Individuals) Leads and also a chance to upload introductory video sharing financial tips.
  • 2. One can recharge his/her wallet to get connected to clients looking to buy financial products based on preferred location.
  • 3. One can get the chance of listening to the confirmation recording of the lead he/she likes also whenever one requires an immediate appointment Go to Request Appointment and request for an appointment can be made.
  • 4. After subscription One will get a live customer who will be conferencing to seek appointment and also get an opportunity to chat with the customer and understand his/her requirements.
  • 5. All our customer use our app Fin free One will get all the details of the lead (Lead Profile, Annual Income, Profile Photo) in order to choose according to his/her convenience and also gets a chance to showcase any special offers for customers in this application.
  • 6. To help people invest right and also to make sure that they have the right advise to make the decision of investing we motivate our customer by providing them with initial amount of 2000 in a way of voucher code which can be used if they purchase or invest in any financial products through our agents that is you.
  • 7. You our associate using our app NLpartner can According to set packages will get to redeem the customer's voucher of 2000 which they will get from us after downloading our consumer app Fin Free for their first investment or purchase which helps you in lead conversion.
  • 8. After receiving the voucher code from the customer one can redeem it in the NLpartner App which will be added to one's wallet balance which can be used to buy more leads or transfer to other wallets depending on the min wallet balance requirement.
  • 9. Customers will also post there requirement or questions regarding any financial product in there app and the same can be answered by you through your app and if customer seems to be interested you can also buy the lead through the app directly with your wallet balance.
  • 10.An associate profile will also be listed in the Nationlearns app and also on website NLpartner for customers to select by filtering the rating, Product and pin code.

How Nationlearns Helps Customers?

  • 1. Every customer will become a lead when they download our consumer app nationlearns.
  • 2. A customer gets a voucher worth Rs 2000 once he/she downloads our consumer app nationlearns for the first time and completes the process in the app.
  • 3. After receiving the voucher, a customer can use it after sending the voucher code to the Business Partner from whom he/she will purchase the desired financial product.
  • 4. The Business Partner after receiving the voucher code can redeem it and allow a customer utilize it while purchasing any financial product of his/her choice.
  • 5. The customer gets all the details of the Business Partner in the Nationlearns App before purchasing any financial product as per his/her requirement.
  • 6. Customers can ask any query directly to Business Partners clearing all their doubts and concerns.
  • 7. When a Business Partner purchases a customer (converted into lead), a notification will be sent to the customer through Nationlearns App.
  • 8. A customer can provide all his/her requirements regarding any financial product through this app for better clarity and convenience.


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